Born: 1990. Osijek, Croatia
Profession: construction technician & freelance photographer
Lives & works in: Osijek, Croatia


Architecture in the former Yugoslavia is a blend of the international style in skyscraper construction and brutalist, socially engaged architecture. It is a manifest of hybridity and idealism that characterized Yugoslavia, the only one to move away from Soviet influence. Some of the most beautiful, famous works of that time are still alive, provoking divided opinions.

From any perspective, that concrete utopia has left us with a rich architectural heritage. This series of photographs captures some of the countries of the former Yugoslavia and both their abandoned and functional facilities.

Through photographs, I convey the atmosphere of the building, the environment, and the interior. In some of these buildings, they represent a symbol of the past, a capsule that leads through time. Recorded in these photos, they represent timelessness for me.