Born: 1982, South Korea
Work: Photographer
Lives & works: Suwon, South Korea


Most Koreans dislike the building, which is covered with brightly colored cheapie signboards because they were educated that the signboards remind them of the chaotic history of S. Korean economic development. The S. Korea’s government declared that it would take all possible measures to improve that. It is a specific feature of S.Korean society, if the government focuses its attention on any field, the situation would change dramatically under the new legislation. It is easy to speculate that signboards are going to disappear.

But I can recognize some positive desire of the owners of it. They want to get attention for promoting their livelihood so that they use brighter colors and bolder fonts. It makes buildings beautiful. In my opinion, it is rather dynamic and gorgeous, not the type of conclusion commonly associated with a tragic developing history of Korea.

The Life of S.Koreans who work hard and seek a better life for themselves and their family is implicit in the signboards. At the beginning of this project, I agreed with our government. But I changed my mind. I will contend that this is beautiful.