Born: 1996, Czech Republic
Work: Architect & Photographer
Lives & works: Brno, Czech Republic


This visual essay reflects on the analogy of the demise of man’s relationship with the physical built environment and the breakdown of society. It indicates their possible connection.

„The Generic City is fractal, an endless repetition of the same simple structural module; it is possible to reconstruct it from its smallest entity, a desktop computer, maybe even a diskette.“ — Rem Koolhaas

Human attachment to space has always been an important mission of the society. From antiquity to the recent past, cities have been the scene  of man, and analogously, its public space has reflected public opinion. However, under the weight of the globalized present, due to virtual saturation, our relationship with the environment is irretrievably disappearing today. Valid symbols and traditions become meaningless, old ones are replaced by new ones, and only fragments — scraps of human values — remain.