Program schedule for Rovinj Photodays 2017
May 5-7, 2017

1 PM – COUNTY MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF ROVINJ, 1st FLOOR: Official opening of the festival


1 PM – COUNTY MUSEUM OF THE CITY OF ROVINJ: FINALISTS’ EXHIBITION – International Competition of Contemporary Photography – 10th Rovinj Photodays, 2017
21 nominated authors with approximately 100 photos from all 7 categories: architecture, documentary photography, portraits, landscapes, nudes, fashion and artistic concept
Curators of exhibition: Iva Prosoli i Dunja Nekić

1:45 PM – ST. THOMAS CHURCH: Matic Zorman „The Balkan Nights“
an exhibition by the Rovinj Photodays 2016 Grand Prix Winner. Curator: Dunja Nekić

2:30 PM – CVU BATANA: „Hearts of Istria“
an exhibition of a joint project created by Janko Belaj, Zoran Osrečak, Sinisa Hančić and Vlado Perić. Curator: Krešimir Oremović

3 PM – MMC – MULTIMEDIA CENTER: Nothing’s Moving– Photon Gallery from Ljubljana presents us with an exhibition of the legendary punk band Pankrti. Curator: Dejan Sluga


Livingstone Association: „Friends of the Sea 2017: Games
The 2017 edition of the “Friends of the Sea” exhibition series consists of 60 large-format photographic records created by the sea under an adrenaline surge!

Photodays & GloriaGLAM: “Fashion & Photodays“
the world’s masters of fashion photography have certainly left their mark in the past ten years of Rovinj Photodays.  The exhibition is displaying GloriaGLAM editorials in large formats.

Novi list & Glas Istre: “On Assignment”
on large surfaces, size 3×2 m, we are showing themes selected by the newspapers and their photojournalists.


4 PMCultural Center Rovinj: 2016 Rovinj Photo-story Competition, a presentation of  the Institute of Photography and Visual Arts in Padua

5 PMCultural Center Rovinj: Photo clubs coordination –  PhotoMarathon introductory meeting

7:00 PM – TN Amarin: dinner for accredited guests

9:00 PM – TN Amarin: Workshop: ProFoto Lights & Color Effects by Danijel Berković


10 PM – TN Amarin: After Party: Davorin Poropat – Acoustic Sessions, with a welcome drink by Geržinić Wines

23:00 PM – TN Amarin, by the pool: PhotoMarathon – Night Theme

10:30 AM – 12 PMCultural Center Rovinj: portfolio reviews (by previously agreed procedure and submissions)

10:00 AM – The streets of Rovinj through FB navigation: ROVINJ Photo Marathon competition: for all action lovers with prior applications at: prijava@photodays-rovinj.com

12:30 PMCultural Center Rovinj (Press Centre building, 2nd floor):
a get-together with the festival’s competition head selector – Willie Osterman: Moments

2 PM “The protection of property and moral copyrights in Photography”
Lecturers: lawyers Valentina Vižintin and Saša Poldan

3:30 PM – Presenting the photographer (Artist Talk):
the winner of the Artistic Concept category

4 PM Presenting the photographer (Artist Talk):
the winner of the Fashion category

4:30 PM Presenting the photographer (Artist Talk):
the winners of the Portrait category


7 PMTN Amarin: A dinner for all the accredited festival guests

9:15 PMTN Amarin: Official Awards Ceremony for the winners of the Rovinj Photodays 2017 Festival and the  Grand Prix winner announcement

10:15 PM – TN Amarin: After Party: Vindon Havin / Awards Ceremony for the winners of the Rovinj Photo Marathon

11:00TN Amarin – Festival committee and the selection team members meeting


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