Q: Are there any entry fees?
A: No, there are no entry fees.

Q: Is it true that submitting one photograph for the first 6 categories is the same as submitting one series of 6 photographs?
A: Yes, one application = one photograph or one theme in a series of up to 6 photos.

Q: What is the total number of photos or a series with up to 6 photos which can be submitted to a contest?
A: The total number is 8.

Q: How many photos can be submitted within one category?
A: One can submit all 8 photos or 8 themes up to 6 photos in a series in one category. The exception is the Artistic concept category in which it is allowed to have 2 entries. For example, if you have submitted 2 series to the Artistic concept, you have 6 applications left available to do with whatever you want in the first 6 categories or even use all six in one category if you want.

Q: Do I have to fill in the application form for each submitted photograph?
A: It is enough to fill in one application form, but the title of the photograph and the category for which you are applying must be specified for each entry.

Q: Can I submit photo prints on a contest?
A: No.

Q: Can a photograph be submitted in more than one category?
A: One photograph cannot be submitted in more than one category.

Q: Is every category winner awarded?
A: Winners in all categories will be awarded by the official statuette “Kadar”, as well as a joint exhibition. The winner in a category “Artistic concept” will be awarded with a photo monograph / a photo book by a renowned publisher.

Q: How will my photos be used?
A: You will be notified every time the organizers wish to use your photo and for what purpose. Your photos will never be used for anything other than to promote you as a photographer or for the promotion of the Photodays festival.

Q: Where will my photos be used / shown?
A: The usage and method of promoting your work are not limited: from exhibitions to media, in the official materials, website etc.

Q: Will I get the compensation for the usage of my photos?
A: If the organizer intends to use the photos for something that is not related to the promotion of the competition, the photographers will be notified and will be given the opportunity to refuse the usage of their work. If the photographer wants to participate and agrees to the usage, the organizers will arrange the terms of compensation.

Q: Will the festival sponsors use my photos?
A: Festival sponsors are our partners in promoting photograph and they are allowed to use nominated photos exclusively for the promotion of Photodays and photographers themselves.



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