DATE: FROM December 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018
WHO CAN ENTER THE COMPETITION: professional photographers, fine art academy students and students of other visual arts, photography practitioners. No age limit is set and everyone who wishes to show their work and compete on an international level can send work in.
The competition objective is to assess and position the best work on the contemporary photography scene.

  • one can send in only work produced in 2017 except for the ‘Artistic Concept’ which doesn’t have a time limit;
  • In total 8 entries throughout all categories except for the ‘Artistic concept’ which is limited to 2 entries;
  • an entry can be just one photograph or a series of maximum 6 photographs, except for the ‘Artistic concept’ with minimum 8 and maximum 16 photographs;
  • photographs can be sent in on the official festival page;
  • photographs must not be used more than once – each photograph can be entered once individually or in a series per category;
  • contestants/applicants do not pay anything to participate in the contest.


The ROVINJ PHOTODAYS festival was created ten years ago. The Photography Competition is an important part of the festival and has been opened to international photographers to compete for the best in contemporary photography produced during the previous year. The exception is the category of the ‘Artistic Concept’ for which the work can be older than a year.
ROVINJ PHOTODAYS guarantees an international promotion of photographers and their work which will be selected through a two-tier selection system allowing only the best work to get through. A competition with clear cut rules based on photographic practices and equal opportunities gives enough freedom to selectors, first to the national and then the head selector, to choose the best work in the competition.
ROVINJ PHOTODAYS ensures equality in submitting, presenting and judging of work. The contest is based on known and established rules. During the submission period the organizers will answer all the questions without prejudice and according to the competition rules, except for those relating to the selection itself.
ROVINJ PHOTODAYS is open to all participants and the public following the competition rules. The organizers guarantee an objective and independent supervision of competition rules.

The competition is public and, according to the Competition rules, will open at least 4 months prior to the closing stages of the festival.

Photographs of interiors, exteriors, views, urban landscape. NOTE: Photographs can show abstract forms and perceptions of architecture.

Fashion photography is often a result of teamwork (art directors, stylists, models….). This category includes beauty, photographs of models and clothing, street fashion and similar. Although they are mostly commissioned for a magazine, fashion branding and campaigns, this is not a prerogative.

Photographs in this category include nature and urban landscapes. Often they scrutinize photographer’s relationships, causes and consequences.

Portrait(s) shown in various styles, themes and methods – from a commissioned portrait for media or an ad campaign to spontaneous and intimate portraits of family members and friends to art projects based on a portrait.

Photographs in this category deal with the human body – from exploring its form to questioning its inherent identity, a relationship between the photographer and his model, understanding its beauty and vulnerability / its mortality.

Documentary photography presupposes shooting natural, not staged, situations without additional manipulation, i.e. adding or removing elements in the picture. It includes news photography, travel, socially relevant and war photographs. This category is aimed at professional news photographers but also at all who take street photography or tell a socially relevant story.


Separate category:
This is the most complex category and is being awarded differently so consequently all three nominees get a separate exposure at the finalist’s group exhibition. There is no time limit imposed for this category.
An artistic concept encompasses a series of photographs (minimum 8, maximum 16) with a clearly defined idea and aims at being shown in galleries and museums. Photographs should be accompanied by an artist’s statement and a curriculum vitae/biography; enter both in the window designated for Artistic Concept. There are no theme or technical limits set for this category.
In this category the nominated photographers can themselves deliver prints ready for the exhibition. In cases when they are not able to do so the organizers will produce a one-person show with the same printing quality used for printing other categories. 
NOTE: A photographer can submit no more than 2 art concepts. Apart from submitting to this category a photographer can enter work for the remaining categories six more times.

National selectors and the main selector hold the right to, with the consent of the author, change the chosen category of sent work

A maximum number of entries that one photographer can have is 8 (eight) regardless of the category, except for the ‘Artistic concept’ category for which only 2 (two) concepts can be submitted.
An entry can be just one photograph or a series of maximum 6 images, except for the ‘Artistic concept’ category with minimum 8 and maximum 16 photographs per concept.
Photographs produced by a team are considered as one entry. Each photographer from such a group can additionally enter their own work 8 times.
The applicants will waive their copyright for promotional purposes of the festival, free of charge.

  • filling in the submission form and uploading photographs;

During registration it is important to clearly caption each photograph and name the category.
Registration deadline lasts until the date stated on the registration form and on the Internet page.
Work can be submitted only through the web page and has to comply with the following:

  • JPG format;
  • 1200px longer side;
  • maximum file size 2Mb.

Step-by-step instructions for the application of a series and application of the concept are located on the bottom of the page.

SPECIAL MENTION FOR THE FINALISTS: photographers who are nominated for the finalist’s exhibition are requested to send in the selected photographs no later than 3 days after they are being nominated. Otherwise there is no obligation by the organizers to print their work for the exhibition.

For ethical and professional interests all competitors are obliged to adhere to the specified guidelines.
The guidelines clearly state that all competitors are obliged to give correct information and adhere to the rules.
In case of a breach of confidence, the organizers can undertake various steps that can vary from a warning to legal consequences that the organizers deem necessary.
Every contestant is responsible for his/her conduct for the duration of the competition. Contestants must adhere to the law, respect the rights of other contestants. By entering the competition each photographer accepts to follow the competition rules.

If the organizers suspect a foul play they can instigate an enquiry which can involve gathering of information from a member of the Festival Committee, any third party or the complainant.
During the investigation the organizer can suspend or stop a part or the entire participation of a participant or remove the participant from the competition altogether. If the organizer believes that there was a breach of this Contract they can undertake necessary measures.
Photographers will be credited on all official festival publications and during the exhibition of their work. All contestants accept that the organizers and general sponsors can use the submitted photographs for marketing and promotional purposes, including announcements in the media (press, TV, digital) and exhibitions in connection with the RovinjPhotodays festival.

Copyright and all other author’s rights belong to the photographer. In case of violation of these rights the competition organizers will undertake necessary legal measures.
Photographers will be credited on all official festival publications and during the exhibition of their work. All contestants accept that the organizers and general sponsors can use the submitted photographs for marketing and promotional purposes, including announcements in the media (press, TV, digital) and exhibitions in connection with the RovinjPhotodays festival. All nominated and winning photographs will be a part of the Photodays festival collection. The festival will be administering the collection according to the established professional rules and principles with intention to promote the concept of the festival and photographers themselves.

The judges are the national selectors from partner countries who carry out their duty according to the Competition rules.
Team of judges include the national selectors and the head selector who has the final say in the choice of finalists and winners. If the head selector thinks that submitted work in any category does not measure up to the set standards he/she has the right not to select them.
National selectors will chose 10 best pieces in the first round for each category. Each national selector will make an independent choice according to their expertise and authority.
Selectors will evaluate creativity, originality, technical quality of submitted work, as well as all other criteria usually applied at such assessments.
Selectors are not allowed to participate in the competition.
The national selectors’ activities are coordinated by the festival organizers.
Work submitted by contestants from non-partner countries will be dealt with by the Festival Committee who will select work and forward it to the head selector.
National selectors, the head selector and the organizers will keep records about their work.

The head selector, renowned and well respected in the business, guarantees impartiality and in accordance with the judging rules for the submitted works has to present a report on the finalists to reach the festival director no longer than 7 days after having completed the selection.

Winning photographs have to undergo a two-tier selection process. The organizers will send submitted photography by each category to appropriate national selectors. National selectors will then choose 5 photographs for each category and then during the second stage the head selector picks the winners.

At the end of the selection process when the head selector decides on the overall winners the festival makes the list of three finalists in each category and a list of winners to be announced at the formal closing party. The head selector also chooses all commendations for each category.
All finalists attain an invitation to the festival closing awards giving party in Rovinj and the participation in a touring exhibition.
All winners get the official festival statuette ‘Kadar’ and participation in a group show.
All nominated photographers in the ‘Artistic concept’ category will be given a separate exhibition within the main finalist’s exhibition.

The head selector will, after the second and final selection round, nominate the overall winner of the Festival. The winner will get a solo show during the following Rovinj Photodays festival and a catalogue to accompany the exhibition.

By submitting work for competition all participants accept above mentioned conditions and competition rules.
The organizers are allowed to use the photographs solely for the purpose of promoting the photography festival or promoting sponsors’ companies within the context of their sponsorship for the award.
Only the organizers are authorized to change the competition rules, in which case the organizers are obliged to make the changes known to the public on time.
The organizers retain the right not to show the finalists in the category in which the work sent in does not satisfy the criteria of the head selector.


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