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15.12.2022. Rovinj Photodays 2023

06.04.2022. PD2022 Press release – Finalists | RPD2022 – visuals

22.12.2021. Rovinj Photodays 2022

31.04.2021. RPD2021 Press release – Finalists  | RPD2021-visuals

24.03.2020.  RPD2020_press_release_finalists | RPD2020-visuals

25.03.2019. RPD2019_press_release_finalists | RPD2019_visuals  | FINALISTS_NAMES

11.10.2018. Press Release – Finalists Exhibition RPD 2018 – Museum of Arts & Crafts | Photos

30.03.2018. visuals | RPD2018 Press Release – Winners and finalists | FINALISTS

09.01.2018. Main selector RPD 2018 | GabriellaUhl-photo |

19.10.2017. Press Release Museum of Arts & Crafts | RPD2017_logo |

27.04.2017.  Press Release- Winners and finalists

04.04.2017. Program schedule 2017 | Programma 2017

16.1.2017. Head selector for RovinjPhotodays 2017 appointed | Photos

17.10.2016. Press Release Museum of Arts & Crafts

08.05.2016. Press Release

19.04.2016. Press Release | Table Of Finalists

19.03.2016. Program schedule

08.03.2016. Results of the first round of judging

18.01.2016. Appointed two new Head selectors for RovinjPhotodays 2016

01.12.2015. International Competition of Contemporary Photography


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