Dear friends and lovers of Photography,

due to the situation caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, the 13th and 14th edition of the Rovinj Photodays Festival in 2020 and 2021 are held exclusively online, we’re conducting the annual competition online and the accompanying video and online presentations of finalists will be held during the autumn 2021 at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka.

The fourteenth edition of Rovinj Photodays 2021 contest will be opened in early January 2021, for the entire international photography scene, under the name:

International Competition of Contemporary Photography – 14th Rovinj Photodays, 2021.

The competition will be open until the end of March 2021. The announcement of the finalists and winners in all categories will be in April 2021.

The Grand Prix will be announced on May 8, 2021 when, under normal circumstances, at the grand finale dinner in Rovinj, the winner would be presented with their prize and a check for 2,000 Euros.



1. Cash prize of 2,000 Euros
2. Solo exhibition with the accompanying catalog at the end of the festival in May 2022 in Rovinj
3. Free accommodation on a half board basis in the hotel resort Amarin during your stay in Rovinj 2022.
4. Solo exhibition with the accompanying catalog in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka during the autumn of 2022
5. Special positioning in the museum’s holdings where the work remains in care of the curators in digital or printed form (author’s choice)
6. The Grand Prix Photodays 2021 written plaque


1. Presentation of all the works of the finalists with the corresponding statements of the authors on the official website
2. Video presentation of all the finalists works at a joint exhibition at the end of October 2021, at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka (museum-holder of the Rijeka ECOC 2020 program)
3. All nominated works from the final exhibition of the finalists in digital form remain in the permanent holdings of the museum
4. Written diplomas / awards are given to all winners and finalists of the final exhibition
5. All finalists get an official catalog of the final exhibition in digital form
6. All winners in every category will receive free accommodation on a half board basis in the hotel complex Amarin **** for two people in Rovinj at the festival in May 2022.
7. After the selection the jury president will choose one winning work tobe exhibited at the Photon Gallery in Vienna

According to the decision of the general sponsor of the festival, the traditional finale of the festival with all previous accompanying programs, for reasons caused by the pandemic, will not be held in Rovinj in May, and all activities will focus exclusively on online presentation of finalists and winners.

We believe that we will return to Rovinj in 2022.


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