Born: 1987 Wolfsberg, Austria
Work: Artist
Lives & works: Vienna, Austria


Exhibition one to ten goes one to one at Camera Austria Graz in 2019 uses works from one of my previous exhibitions. The title of the previous site-specific exhibition was one to one goes one to ten. The idea was to separate the works from the site and show them in a new context. The emancipation of site-specific works and exploration of the process itself has been a crucial part of my art production since this exhibition.

With the new presentation in Atelierhaus der Bildenden Künste Wien, this step is now to be repeated. A re-arrangement of Revisions, with framed and free-standing display sculptures, will now present the work in a completely new setting. Ceramic objects and framed works are combined with a spontaneous use of large-format LEE filter foils. What served to color the light in the creation of the work now becomes the base and ground of a new arrangement.