Born: 1988., Serbia
Work: Photographer
Lives & works: Belgarde, Serbia


(On postnuclear pointlessism)
Each direction in art has its own manifesto, whether it is a written manifesto made by an artist or, if we think in a broader sense, a collection of ideas, thoughts and aspirations that are common to works that belong to a particular direction. Every artist, through his works, builds his own manifesto.
Medieval art… renaissance… romanticism, realism, impressionism, symbolism, post-impressionism, expressionism, futurism, dada, abstract art, conceptual art… op art, pop art… meta, post…
Throughout history, all directions in art and artworks created in them can be viewed as a seal of time. Art is created as a response to current events, circumstances, problems, technical achievements… History gives us facts from the past, but only through observing art can we feel the spirit of the time.
In addition to all the directions that have emerged throughout history, the present time brings a huge number of new ones. Modern ideas can function independently, but they can also, to a greater or lesser extent, refer to the entire historical archive.
It is similar in life where new knowledge, thoughts, techniques, and technologies are constantly accumulating. How big is our memory, how much can we bear? How much sense does all this make?
Are we building a world that we cannot see, endure, and understand?
Does it make sense to be a part of an organism that lives thanks to us, but not for us?
What would be the name of the direction I belong to? …


On Postnuclear Pointlesism
Einstein said that he did not know what people would fight in the third world war, but that he knew what they would fight in the fourth – with sticks and stones. If we apply this thinking in the field of art, culture and spirit, we will understand that we do not need a real nuclear explosion. All modern segments of life and sociological circumstances have disrupted flows, rhythm, habits, expectations, thoughts and relationships, with a force equivalent to the Third World War in the aforementioned Einstein’s thesis. The expected progress of the society has been stopped in many segments by the newly created chaos and confusion of digital time. In addition to all the positive potentials it carries, it still creates a virtual existential vacuum in which the movement of many values seems to be regressive.