Born: 1995. Dubrovnik, Croatia
Profession: Educator and pedagogue
Lives & works in: Zagreb, Croatia


This collection is inspired by issues of discriminatory behaviour towards women compared to men in the position of the “leader” diplayed in the form of a fashion statement, miming and gesturing. Men and women are equally prone to judge assertivness and domination in a female leader and welcome it with a male one. Same kind of success is ascribed to different reasons wit men and women. The success of a woman is ascribed to luck and the same success of a man would be down to ability. This reasoning can be destructive to the female selfrespect and cause a feeling of inferiority and failure. Each photograph shows negative emotions as a consequence of discriminatory behaviour (distrust, isolation, remorse, loathing, indignation and nostalgia). Historically speaking woman suit was representing freedom, and in this context it is used as a symbol of strenght and social change. The white suit was chosen on purpose, because psychological meaning of the colour white is a new begining.