Born: 1997 Nové Zámky, Slovakia
Profession: Photographer
Lives & works in: Prague, Czech Republic


My series Feel like at home is based on my project UTOPIA, where I photographed the premises of the last legal squat in Bratislava for two years. In this place, I documented my friends who lived there and the spaces that were shared. The building has long since been razed to the ground, but I return to the place, with its former inhabitants. I return to it, and create reconstructions of my friends’ rooms in the place full of clay and rubble. As I used to be a documentary photographer, I am exposing the world to myself. I return to the given place; I feel absolutely helpless to return the building and I therefore set the reality according to myself. Before, I photographed our utopia very intuitively and naturally. Now I am forced to create our past world on the rubble, where another high-rise building is growing.