Born: 1980 Kerava, Finland
Profession: Photographic artist
Lives & works in: Salo and Helsinki, Finland


Songs of Wit and Wisdom draws its subject matter from the mythologies of various peoples. In scientific sense, myth has traditionally meant a fundamental initial story, a description of the events that define the world and its future structures. Another general meaning of myth is an untrue fiction, a collective misunderstanding. The series reflects on the interaction of man and nature.

The afterlife has its own topography, the gods live in the mountains, the elves in the forest or in the waters. In fact, all the major mythical events and actors are localized in nature. Because the descriptions of paradise, underworld and hell of different religions resemble each other topographically, many of the works in the series also consist of several pieces photographed at different times and in different places.

The images in the series have been made by using the late 19th century method of wet plate collodion. In addition, some works involve well-known tunes played on a music box.