Born: 1967. Catania, Italy
Profession: photographer
Lives & works in: Rapallo,Italy


The body and self-image

More and more, we talk about the body and its representations.

The body that shows itself, that tells itself, that suffers.

The body becomes a stage to represent one’s emotions, pleasure, desire, and pain.

How can we talk about the body?

Body image is the image and appearance of the human body that we form in our mind, the way our body appears to us. Like with any painting or photograph, while looking at it, we can feel emotions, memories, and sensations can emerge.

What about a woman’s body?

It should be looked at in the same way that Manet “looked” and painted Olympia.

Indifferent to the canons of beauty, pictorial aesthetics, the ethics of his time, and common sense. Stripped of cultural stereotypes, she does not fear the gaze of others. She doesn’t cover up her body’s imperfections for fear of not being beautiful, but she accepts them.

Olympia is “existing one’s body.”