Rođen: 1951.
Profesija: fotoreporter
Živi i radi u: Beograd, Srbija

The first time I saw Andrea was at the sports centre “Il Faro”, my second home, home of the ASD CCCP, where our favorite football teams play, from the younger teams up to the adult’s player of C1 category. He was by the edge of the field, in his wheelchair covered in stickers and yelling at the top of his lungs, grasping the fence, encouraging our team, particularly Lele Bruno, his adored cousin, that from that day, without knowing it, changed Andrea’s life, and from that moment onwards he became “Andreino” for all of us. Why, Andreino? perhaps because we all saw him so small, apparently helpless, tied to that wheelchair, to prevent him falling by the unconscious spastic movements given by the tetra paresis. But his yelling, the swollen veins on his neck, those fingers clenched on the net made you aware of much more, a force, a spirit, a full charge that in my eyes and of all those around him, almost made that wheelchair disappear. Today, thinking back to that day, it reminds me of the song by De Gregori, The football player of ’68 …. “The boy will be …”. Indeed today Andrea is 20 years old, extremely intelligent, extraordinarily determined with an amazing desire to live life; De Gregori says: ” you will see a player by his courage, altruism and fantasy” and Andrea has all these attributes! He’s futsal coach, basketball player, fond of tattoos and philosophy and always surrounded by many friends, male and female who love him, also because it is almost impossible not to. To confirm all this ask AS. Roma Coach Spalletti, who in 2007 was literally bewitched by Andrea’s smile, his spontaneity and above all his energy. He nicknamed him, il principino (the little prince), because in the sport center Trigoria, everyone opened the doors wide open as he passed by. Yes, absolutely that “ino” (little), a sort of barrier, a shield, which Andrea no longer needs. The daily battles that life has reserved for him are no obstacle, it’s a training ground, like at school, where he fights to follow a “normal” course of study, which allows him to finish earlier and then attend university, because Andrea knows the road he wants to follow and is looking to the future.