Date: May 17, 2:30 PM

Location: Community of Italians of the city of Rovigno

Exhibition curated by Stefania Rössl and Massimo Sordi of our partner, OMNE FEST-a – Castelfranco Veneto

WHERE NATURE IS presents a selection of photographs by five authors who were involved in photography campaigns dedicated to the theme of nature in 2021. The photographic research placed a special emphasis on certain areas in Veneto and Puglia.
The topics of nature and environmental factors are increasingly present in the debate about the contemporary landscape, raising new questions about the diversity of forms through which nature communicates.

Authors: Mark Steinmetz, Irina Rozovsky, Sasha Arutyunova, Claudio Majorana, Arianna Sanesi

In a selection of photographs from the “Nature” series, renowned American photographer Mark Steinmetz explores the way in which nature intertwines with and adapts to the contemporary civilization. It is the nature bathed in a special light that is carefully sought, hunted, because light “is that detail that gives photographs a mystical aura, which can take us beyond the image itself.“ In Steinmetz’s photographs, “light is origin, light is revelation, light is transformation.“
As photographer Irina Rozovsky embarked on the journey of motherhood, she found herself unlocking new mysteries and embracing a fresh perspective on nature. Thinking about the way we relate to nature, almost as if we do not belong to it at all, Rozovsky creates an intimate collection of photographs and calls it “Nature”. Rozovsky says: “I lived in the city, where nature was controlled and distant. One day, shortly after I became a mother, we moved south. Here, in the tropical plains, my daughter began to grow almost like a weed. It was as if nature wanted to be close to me and reveal its secrets to me.”
Photos from the series “A River Estuary”, taken by Sasha Arutyunova in the coastal areas of Salenta, capture the rhythms of life in places where nature slowly takes control of marshy terrains and where the local population during tourist season becomes just a secondary participant.
In “Park Belloluogo”, Claudio Majorana studies an aspect of anthropomorphized nature, seeking in the eyes of the youth he encounters the reflections of untamed wilderness. The Italian photographer says “this is where the youth meets after school, the place where their friendships are strengthened, where their first loves are born, and where new memories are created.”
In her series of photographs “The Course of Nature”, Arianna Sanesi explores nature as a man-made concept. Sometimes nature acts as a mirror, as a counterweight, it represents the perfect place where man can find refuge. On the other hand, sometimes man intervenes in nature, thus making it an adversary.

Exhibition “WHERE NATURE IS” brings together twenty-four photographs  produced as part of the OMNE Festival (Castelfranco Veneto, Italy).
OMNE is a platform that promotes and organizes artist-in-residence programs, art workshops, exhibitions and publications, exploring through photography and art various forms of contemporary landscape.



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