The big names in Croatian photography of the 50’s

Date: May 6 2022, 3:30 PM

Location: Gallery Lungomare Plaza: promenade at the foot of the Grand Park Hotel Rovinj

Photographs of the Croatian side of the Adriatic from the 1950s still retain an unattainable charm of an old lady! Simply because these photographs are of a nostalgic beauty, searching for a Mediterranean identity and the lost time (turned into a myth), showing a path to an imaginative life of 60 years ago. These pictures are a creative dialogue with what is no more, and yet it still exists.
Creators of their black & white elegance followed, on one hand, the spirit of the global trend set by the legendary Family of Man in 1955, and, on the other, by no less legendary MAGNUM photo agency, together with the git of the weeklies Paris Match and Life. Today, however, it all perfectly fits in with the scepticism towards the ‘reality’ and ‘authenticity’, and, even more, with the disinterested postmodernist sensibility towards the formal nature of a photographic image.




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