IN SEARCH OF BEAUTY. Architectures, bodies, landscapes”

Date: May 6, 2:30 PM

Location: Community of Italians of the city of Rovigno

Curator: Stefania Rössl

Exhibition “IN SEARCH OF BEAUTY. Architectures, bodies, landscapes” presents us a selection of photographs by five authors, the winners of an open call for artists-in-residence promoted by OMNE, and one guest photographer.

Each of these photographers, elaborating on their personal vision of the landscape of northeastern Italy, carried out photographic research exploring the relationships that exist between the concept of beauty and anthropized territory.

In “The City of G. or rather Giorgioneville”, Francesca Cirilli collected images of echoes that Giorgione, painter from Castelfranco Veneto, left in the traces of some modern fantasy.

Recalling the love story between Giorgione and Cecilia in “The woman standing still in front of meAnne Golaz developed a visual narrative by exploring the mysterious relationships of life.

Vittorio Mortarotti‘s “Our Time” deals with the theme of beauty, combining it with the concept of transience, which is reflected, as portrait, in the form of an adolescent and in the contours of a fragile landscape.

Beauty” is the title that Igor Ponti gave to his research conducted in this area of North Italy. His work shows the imaginarium of everyday places that possess an iconic value.

With his project “Similar”, Antoine Séguin focuses on the contradictions of the contemporary landscape and on the assumption of a visual mapping intended to express the fragmented characteristics of the territory.

A collection of photographs by Massimo Sordi taken from project “Around the tree” will also be exhibited. In his silver gelatin prints, the centuries-old American kaki, presented through the reassembly of its parts, follows the continuous transformation of nature by emphasizing how each form is mobile and unfinished, how each element is in motion.

The exhibition presents the works of six authors and a collection of 62 photographs produced by OMNE (Osservatorio Mobile Nord Est from Castelfranco Veneto, Italy), an organization that since 2016 has been promoting and organizing artist residences, exhibitions and publications aimed at reading the territory, exploring different expressions of the contemporary landscape through photography and walking.

OMNE is an interinstitutional project involving:

City of Castelfranco Veneto, ULSS 2 Marca Trevigiana, University of Padua, University of Bologna – Department of Architecture.



Réka Deim


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