FRIENDS OF THE SEA 2023: People and Boats

Date: 5. - 12.05.2023.

Location: Outdoors

The 2022 ‘Friends of the Sea’ exhibition consists of 30 large format pictures and presents a series that examines life at sea and alongside the sea, as well as the relationship between man and boat and then presents the visuals as seen by photographers, looking for their authentic shots in the optical play of light.
The aim of this exhibition is to show domestic and foreign visitors an enviable media culture through photography, which shows life by the sea and ships in a unique way. The photographic excellence of the selected authors is reflected in their understanding of artistic aesthetics.
The works were selected by the expert team of the “Rovinj Photodays” festival, and the authors are: Petar Trinajstić, Borislav Božić, Rino Gropuzzo, Ivan Kosić, Aleksandar Tomulić, Hrvoje Sedlar, Ivan Brčić and Sandro Puncet.



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