Born: 1991, Indonesia
Profession: Visual artist and Photographer
Lives & works in: Jakarta, Indonesia


As a vulnerable community, elderly transwoman tend to have bigger challenges when dealing with financial and health issues. There are 31 pre-elderly transwoman and about 26 elderly transwoman in Yogyakarta altogether. Though many of them must reside at home or in shelters due to health problems such as stroke, heart disease, lung issues, and complications from HIV, some of them are still working in the non-formal sector. Given that majority of the individuals have experienced a structural cycle of poverty, the situation is becoming worse.

As a way of supporting communities in addressing health issues, The WCC (Waria Crisis Center) shelter was established as a safe space for elderly transwomen to get housing and care without worrying about the costs. Through this visual story, I observes how Rully, a senior transwoman activist, and other transwoman at the Kebaya Foundation are fighting for their civil and human rights.

I hoped that this photo project is able to open up the idea that the community have been transforming the greatest pain from experiences and lives into power through their stories and empowerment. Their gentleness and bravery are the result of understanding what it means to live which gives them a broader perspective.