Born: 1971., Pordenone, Italy
Profession: Photographer and Videographer
Lives & works in: Spilimbergo, Italy


On February 24th 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine, thereby starting a full-scale war. But after failing to seize the capital Kyiv, the slowing down of operations in the Donbass region and the approach of winter, Moscow changed its strategy: it started to launch attacks on power stations, leaving Ukraine’s population both in the dark and the cold. As a result, more than half the country is without electricity, water and heating. And now that winter is here, temperatures in Ukraine are dropping to minus 20 degrees Celsius and, one year from the start of the war, the situation for the civilian population is dramatic. Life is particularly difficult in Kyiv and its suburbs, which were destroyed during the first months of the war and are targeted almost daily by missile and drone strikes. In the capital people take refuge not only in underground stations but also in the hundreds of old nuclear bunkers that are a throwback to the Soviet era and the Cold War.