Born: 1982. Niš, Serbia
Profession: photographer
Lives & works in: Serbia


Protected with a screen as a visor, we can observe another human being for as long as we want. Photos in high resolution allow us to zoom in and get close so that we can follow the tiniest skin folds. We can studiously explore the large organ so important as a communication channel before the introduction of the measures. At first sight, it might seem the subject is again someone from a criminal group, an archetype of the Balkan man. At another glance, we read the inscriptions and the patterns on their skin – they’re young men, often born just a few years prior to the bombing, or members of minorities, or those whose passports currently disable them from continuing their undeclared work in the European Union. At yet another glance, we realize they are also confined in the Balkans, in their cities, in their rooms, swathed in their epidermal membrane which presents a new border.