Born: Serbia
Profession: documentary photographer
Lives & works in: Serbia


The last day of school is part of a long-term engagement dealing with the issues of depopulation, desolation and decay in the Balkans, with an emphasis on the generations of young people who live in this tumultuous region. Here, I am taking a role of a school photographer, while making portraits of children on the (projected) last day of the school year. But unlike the usual group portraits of smiling children in front of the main school entrance, here we have only one child, or a brother and a sister, or there is no one left. When these children finish their fourth grade, this will literally be the last day of school, because there will be no one to succeed them. This story is an attempt to save a part of the still existing life in these parts from oblivion and to symbolically point out the problems of depopulation, devastation and neglect of entire regions, denying their future that could and should have existed.