Born: 2001. Izola, Slovenia
Profession: photographer
Lives & works in: Koper, Slovenia


Melancholic Thoughts depicts an idealized summer through the human form. The series is set in a swimming pool, where different people appear and whose bodies tell their own stories. The intention of the series was to show photographs that pop into our heads and that we forget very quickly. I wanted to capture a fragile memory, perhaps that of a person, or maybe a moment that happened, hence the name Melancholic Memory. A memory of a summer that passes too quickly. The series shows juxtapositions and thoughtful views of people, each carrying in their form a kind of action and feeling, each with a different surrealistic view of the person on the beach. There are skinny, fat, muscular, old, and young bodies that make a kind of variety in the photographs. Personally, I am not inclined towards an idealized body.