Born: 1972. Szczecin, Poland
Profession: graphic designer
Lives & works in: Zagreb, Croatia & Poland


Coffee on the sunbathed terrace of Haludovo… a smooth silk tie from Zagreb’s Bubara… a warm croissant from Paromlin flower… vacation in Liburnia…

These are some of the scenes I imagine while strolling through the ruins of hotel Liburnia in Kraljevica, the remains of Paromlin and the defunct silk factory Bubara, forgotten stone homes and industrial complexes, the glass and concrete colossus in Blato, and mystical Haludovo.

The devastated beauty of these buildings, their architecture, their monumentality… every time it inspires awe in me. And before every visit I hope I will encounter changes indicating that those who decide their fate will give these monuments another chance. Recently I revisited these places and saw their old fame and new life. Nature is slowly taking back control of them, soaking them up year by year, especially in spring, when they resemble hanging gardens. Haludovo in particular, where plants form architecture and calm novel human interventions in the space – graffiti, unintelligible strings of characters, pastime destruction, vandalism are becoming less and less apparent. Entering such a forgotten space, you see its former glory, today’s abandonment to fate and the odd intentioned visitor, and its potential along with countless revitalization possibilities.

I believe that, even in our times of the reign of money and economic profit, when architecture, which is supposed to be incorporated into the environment, backs down to the value of square footage and parking spaces, utilizes every inch of available room, doesn’t create sensible urban wholes, there are interventions that could transform these places, giving them new function… for everyone. It may sound banal, but in my opinion, this is the only way for our cities not to become ghost towns that come alive only during the summer or advent periods.

That is why I present photographs that celebrate the mute beauty of forgotten places, abandoned factories and hotels. They were made by the Sun and left their mark. Contemplating decay…